The Moscow Central Ring Railway to organize sightseeing trains

Commuter train passengers will be able to learn more about sights along the Moscow Central Ring Railway
02 September 2016
The Moscow Central Ring is working on launching sightseeing trains, according to the deputy of the city's Department for Transport Hamid Bulatov. .

"We are currently in the active phase of working out the details. Along with our colleagues from the Department of Education and others, who are helping decide on the format of the sightseeing groups, we are planning who will be our target audience. There are several ideas – we either make a sightseeing coach or a whole sightseeing train," Bulatov said. He also noted that passengers will discover all sights along the Moscow Central Ring Railway during these tours.

Local trains will operate on the Moscow Central Ring, a circular route which will have a total of 31 train stations, 17 connections to the metro and 10 to commuter trains. Each transit hub will allow travelers to switch to the city’s land transportation. The Central Ring Railway will be launched in phases. The first phase will take place on September 10, 2016, Moscow and Moscow Region residents will be able to use 14 connections to the metro and 6 to commuter trains. In total, residents will have 350 new options to switch types of transportation while travelling through the city.


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