Transport interchange hub near Luzhniki Stadium to be covered with glass dome

The transparent roof will fully protect the station from the rain and snow
15 March 2016

Roofs and walls of several stations of the Moscow Ring Railway (MKZD) will be made of glass. According to the city administration, natural light will be organized in the turnstile-ticket halls of stations “Kutuzovo”, “City”, “Shelepikha”, additionally on the platform - at "Luzhniki" station.

"Turnstile-ticket hall of the station “Shelepikha” will have a transparent roof. Side arches of pavilions at stations “Kutuzovo” and “City” will be made of glass that allows light to come inside," press-service of Russian Railways said.

The largest transparent roof will be installed at “Luzhniki” station – it will fully protect the platform and transport hub from the rain. In winter, the roof will have a special heating system. “Luzhniki” station in appearance will resemble the stadium of the same name. It is expected that up to 10,000 people will use it at rush hours. Platform length will exceed 280 meters.

MKZD passenger traffic will be launched in September 2016. The first train in test mode will be launched in April. In total 35 trains will operate on a 54 km ring railway.

Each of the 31 stations of MKZD will become a full-fledged transport interchange hub. There are 17 direct 11 transfers to subway lines and 9 - to radial railway lines. Major hubs, as well as trains, will have free Wi-Fi.

For the 2018 World Cup every MKZD station will be announced in both Russian and English.


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