Vitaly Mutko thankes Russia national team for performing at Confederations Cup 2017

The Russia national team lost to Mexicans on Saturday in Kazan with a score of 1 - 2, failing to reach the playoffs of the tournament
24 June 2017
The Chairman of the LOC Russia 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko thanked the Russia national team for performing at the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 and expressed confidence that the team would improve. He announced this on the air of Match TV channel.

The Russia national team lost to Mexicans on Saturday in Kazan with a score of 1 - 2, failing to reach the play-offs of the Confederations Cup. The team took the third place in Group A, gaining three points.

"Like everyone else, I also have a certain disappointment from the fact that it was not possible to achieve the result," Mutko said. "It's football, a great game, and not always everything is as it should be. Our team is only a month old, and I I am absolutely convinced that it will improve, that the guys have a great desire to play. I thanked the team for performing at the tournament, we will move forward, I noted, that they did a good job, sports is about winning, but we need to move on. Once again, thank you all, I hope that coaches and players will work on their shortcomings to the World Cup, that through training matches we will be able to prepare adequately for the tournament. I like the team that Cherchesov is building, I like its attitude. It may be necessary to work in terms of performing skills, but here the best players are collected. We can say that they have great desire to play for the national team. I like it, I will be with this team."

About 40,000 spectators attended the match between Mexico and Russia. "We are very grateful to the fans today - a powerful stadium, huge support, of course, it always inspires us. We will move forward," Mutko said.


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