Volgograd begins reconstructing the 2018 World Cup training base – the Zenit Stadium

The reconstruction works are estimated to be done by September 2017.
16 September 2016
The Volgograd Region administration
Volgograd began reconstruction the Zenit Stadium which will become a FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™ training base for participating teams, according to the city administration press service.

Currently, the contractor is doing pre-construction work, preparing the construction site and bringing necessary materials.

Following the World Cup, the Zenit Stadium will become an arena for training and recreational activities as well as a venue for cultural events.

According to the project, the city plans to reconstruct the football field by cultivating the soil and using lasers to smooth the ground. The stadium will sport new sports equipment including new goalposts. Workers will also build a new field lighting system and two new 100-meter locker rooms. There will be a specially equipped conference room which will have designated zones for photographers and film crews. The stadium territory will have a parking lot, while the stadium itself will have a video surveillance system and an audio alert system. The project also envisages building a new administrative building.

All construction works are set to be completed by September 2017, according to the contract.


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