Volgograd region expects to receive 2 mln tourists in 2018

This year, about 1 million visitors will come to the region
11 May 2016
Nikolay Galkin/TASS
The Peoples Friendship Fountain on Volga embankment in Volgograd

Tourist flow to Volgograd will increase more than twice due to the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Director of the regional tourism development agency Elena Kurnosova told Welcome2018.com.

"In 2015, 840,000 tourists visited the Volgograd region. This year, we expect to see up to 1 mln people, and in 2018, when Volgograd will host the matches of the World Cup, we expect more than 2 million tourists," Kurnosova said.

“The city has something to offer. Currently there are 120 tourist routes – such as kayak touring along the Don river, bicycling in parks. Ethnographic tourism is developing - in particular, route "Cossack Kuren". This bus route offers tourists the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the Cossack way of life and culture, but also to taste Cossack cuisine. I think this tour will be in demand, among the Russian and foreign tourists," Kurnosova said.

According to chief of the Volgograd region tourism development agency Mikhail Kireev, Mamayev Kurgan remains a major tourist attraction with the world famous 85-meter sculpture "The Motherland Calls".

"Volgograd, which is more familiar to foreigners as Stalingrad, in known first of all for the Battle of Stalingrad - it radically changed the course of World War II,” Kireev said. “Tens of thousands of tourists from Russia, CIS-countries and foreign countries come to the city on the Volga river, and visit Mamayev Kurgan first," Kireev said.


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