Volunteers to check Ekaterinburg’s accessibility for people with disabilities

2018 World Cup Volunteer Centre activists plan to create a special map of the city
23 December 2016

Volunteers from a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ centre, which was based on the Ural Federal University, will develop a map with sites in Ekaterinburg, which are accessible for people with disabilities. Thus, the volunteer centre will support the organisers of a special project called "Accessible Ekaterinburg", which aims to improve the city’s accessibility and allow freedom of movement for all, including people with various degrees of impaired mobility.

"Our volunteers will inspect the upcoming tournament’s infrastructure to see if it is accessible for people with disabilities and will also participate in the creation of a map of accessible sites," the centre’s Director Aleksandr Antimonov said. "We have already formed the first team of 55 activists for the project. In total, we plan to involve more than 100 volunteers."

On December 23, Team Sports Palace’s press centre held the first phase of training for the project’s volunteers. Participants received detailed information about the project and its importance for people with disabilities as well as for Ekaterinburg itself, being a 2018 World Cup Host City.

"Our task is to document whether or not city structures, which will be used during the tournament, have ramps, special toilets, elevators and other devices for low-mobility people, and to pass that information to the organisers of the project," said Aleksandr Shchapov, the project’s volunteer team manager and the volunteer centre employee.


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