Words "Samara 2018 football," composed with 2,000 volunteers, photographed from space

Event "Samara - Space - 55" became one of the city's main events for the Cosmonautics Day
12 April 2016
Host city of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Samara

Samara hosted celebratory events dedicated to the memorable date - the 55th anniversary of the first human space flight.

"Samara - Space – 55” was one of the key events in the celebration, where volunteers composed words  "Samara 55Space ", "Russia 2016 Space" and "Samara 2018 Football."

During the event Russian satellite "Resurs-P" flew over the city taking photos from space

According to Governor of the Samara region Nikolai Merkoushkin, hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup will attract attention to the region. "It is no coincidence that we have turned to the 2018 World Cup. Participation in the global football championship will help attract attention to our region, tell our story to the whole world, show our best and make the brand "Space Samara" more recognizable," he said.

History of the Samara region is closely connected with the history of space exploration. The first spacecraft intended to carry out such important tasks as monitoring the international security, studying Earth's natural resources and the environment were manufactured in the region. Space industry of the region creates satellites for biomedical research. Mass production of the most reliable rockets in the world “Soyuz”, which carries out half of all Russian space launches is set up in the Samara region. The first two stages of Gagarin’s space capsule “Vostok” were also built in the region.


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