World Cup 2018 training venues: CSKA Stadium

08 August 2016
Sergey Bobylev/ТАSS
CSKA Stadium is located at Third Pesochnaya Ulitsa in western Moscow, not far from Sokol Metro station. Two other Metro stations are being built nearby: CSKA and Khoroshevskaya.
The stadium is sized 78,000 sqm. Another 70,000 sqm are occupied by offices and a hotel, which are housed in the 142-metre corner tower attached to the complex. Its shape resembles the UEFA Cup, which was the first European football cup won by the Army team in 2005.

The stadium has parking for 1400 cars.

The stadium has seating for 30,000. The four stalls are coded with the letters that make up the name CSKA: “C” for the eastern stalls, “S” for the southern, “K” for the western, and “A” for the northern stalls.

The arena is FIFA and UEFA compliant. Thanks to its classical rectangular shape, proximity of the stalls to the pitch, and absence of any “gray” spots, every spectator enjoys a clear view of the entire pitch, no matter where they sit. There is a plan to give the stadium a retractable roof in the future.

In addition to football matches, the stadium is expected to host all kinds of other sports events and mass entertainments.

CSKA Stadium will serve as a training facility for the 2018 World Cup.


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