World's first voice-activated parking payment system launches in Moscow

01 August 2016
Artem Geodakyan/TASS
The new voice-activated parking payment system, activated with a phone call, was launched in Moscow on August 1, according to Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov.

"We are the first in the world to launch service with this method of parking payment. This is the new voice service system, which allows users to end a parking session with a simple phone call, without text messages, applications, but rather with voice commands,” Liksutov said.

In order to start and end a parking session prom a mobile phone, users need to call 3210, or 8 (495) 539 54 54 from a landline. Then, choose a necessary option using a voice menu tell the answering machine the parking area and intended duration of parking, car’s license plate number. The system will automatically recognize the words, repeat them to the user and generate a confirmation to start a parking session. The user will be additionally informed about successful completion of the operation via text message; the parking session can be finished with a call or by more “conventional” means – a text message or “Moscow Parking” application.

"The system was already tested. We needed some time to make sure it works properly. Rhe voice-activated parking payment system becomes operational on August 1,” Liksutov said, adding that the city will monitor the performance of the system, and opinion of the city resident about the innovation.


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