Young athletes to train at Kaliningrad arena post-World Cup 2018

The other priority, according to the region’s sports minister, is to bring high-profile national and international sports events to the region.
09 March 2016

The infrastructure of the stadium currently being built in Kaliningrad for the FIFA World Cup 2018 RussiaTM will be geared towards promoting sports among children and teens, was informed by Kaliningrad Oblast’s Minister of Sports Igor Belous.  

A variety of sports clubs will open at the stadium after the World Cup, he said. “The World Cup stadium will serve as the home arena of the local FC Baltika,” Belous told “The trainees of the football club’s Athletic Reserve Training Centre will enjoy a unique opportunity to train at a world-class facility. Our other priority is to bring high-profile national and international sports events to the region. This would be a powerful contributor to regional development, giving a boost to the region’s appeal as a tourist destination.”

Furthermore, according to the minister, the World Cup training facilities will be made available to young athletes. "The training facilities, which Kaliningrad is going to upgrade, will be primarily used to promote sports among children, once the tournament is over,” he said. “I predict that the numbers of locals playing amateur football will be rising fast. Our existing football clubs are already struggling to meet the demand. Private football schools are opening. More girls, as well as boys, want to play football nowadays.”   

"We’ll be working to organize diverse sports events: track & field, rugby, other competitive sports,” Belous continued. “The area around the stadium will be reserved for mass sports events. In fact, the whole development vision for the island provides for numerous recreation grounds and sports facilities.”  


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