Aleksandr Chuprakov/

This is the Georgian restaurant patronized by the local Georgian diaspora, which is a definitive reflection on the food quality. Khmeli-Suneli always feels like an old, spacious hospitable home where the guests have arrived and the fest is about to begin. The hosts’ servants are scurrying about, serving everyone. You will find all the classics on the menu, and the food comes in generous servings: several kinds of khachapuri and khinkali, suluguni, kharcho, satsivi, chakapuli, and much more. It is customary to have Georgian wine or chacha with this food. If you drink a little too much, come back for a bowl of khash the next morning, which is the Armenian cure for hangover. Georgian cookery classes are staged here on weekends. Kids get their own menu: chicken soup with meatballs, lulah kebab, milkshakes, French fries, and the like. They have delivery service, too.