Pan Smetan

Aleksandr Chuprakov/

This noisy Czech restaurant treats customers to salo, potatoes, shin of pork, sugar-glazed spareribs, and generally, meat dishes of every description, including sausages made in-house and, by all means – a river of beer. Beer is the king and queen here. They brew it in-house, and they bring some more from the Czech Republic.

They offer party meals, which are marked with multiple human stick figures on the menu. For example, Waclaw the Butcher’s Meal contains 800 grams of sausages and mounds of stewed cabbage and baked potatoes, enough for four people. Prazdroj Meat-lover’s Megaplatter is a showcase of the best the Czech cuisine has to offer by way of meat, from pork knee to sausages. It weighs around three kilos. The kids’ menu is rather well-behaved and lower on cholesterol: pumpkin soup, pelmeni, steamed chops, salmon, and ice-cream. On weekends and holidays they keep the kids entertained for hours, so a family lunch may inadvertently morph into a family dinner.