Panorama A.S.P.

Aleksandr Chuprakov/

This restaurant is a feast on its own. It is not easy to concentrate on the food here. A first-timer at Panorama will first get stuck to the window for some minutes, trying to absorb the incredible view that opens up on the city. Indeed, this restaurant is on the 50th floor of the Vysotsky Corporate Centre tower. You can see the river, the suburbs and beyond from here, as well as all of the city. The food is a mix of Russian, all-European and all-Asian, lest you forget that Ekaterinburg straddles the border of Europe and Asia. Sushi and rolls meet pickled mushrooms. Sturgeon caviar and bliny with sturgeon caviar get chummy with shrimp gedza. It’s difficult to find a more fitting place for a family dinner than Panorama. First of all, they have a kids’ menu: chicken soup, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken chops, etc. Secondly, the view is so fascinating you hardly need to worry about keeping the kids entertained. Panorama being a highly visible local gastro landmark, it is advisable to make your reservation a week in advance.