Aleksandr Chuprakov/

Mamulya is a fusion restaurant that mixes rare Soviet specialties and Oriental favourites. Its forté, however, is Caucasian food. And that’s what brings in the customers. The menu features fried suluguni cheese, kharcho soup, eggplant rolls and chakhokhbili. It would seem that Mamulya’s mixed menu should satisfy the most fastidious eater, and yet kids get their own menu here with dishes like chicken noodle soup, macaroni and cheese, frankfurters, meat “hedgehogs,” and burgers – all those things no child can resist. Mamulya’s atmosphere is quite like-home, but it’s a country home with a fireplace, wicker furniture out on the porch, lace curtains, peonies in the vases, and a playroom with soft couches. If this is not enough to make you leave the house, you can order food to your door from Mamulya.