Donna Olivia

Aleksandr Chuprakov/

This idyllic place – three floors of Italian food on the edge of a beautiful arboretum - really medicates your mood. Do not fail to visit the paradisiacal arboretum after your sumptuous Italian dinner, or alternatively, take a pre-prandial stroll through the arboretum to hone your appetite. The porch, where outdoor seating is available in summer, opens up on the park. The wicker furniture with striped upholstery, the flowers, the large windows… Everything conspires to remind you of a seaside locale somewhere in the south of the Apennine Peninsula. The food is simple and delectable. There is a large selection of pizzas, pastas, other entrées, salads, and lots of other specialties, all prepared according to traditional Italian recipes. It is your duty to bring your kids here on a weekend to enjoy the vast kids’ menu, animation, and/or a pizza cooking lesson. Delicious breakfast is served in the morning at Donna Olivia, but as the place stays open 24 hours, you can count on a cappuccino any time, starting 4 a.m.