Aleksandr Chuprakov/Welcome2018.com

This meat restaurant on the edge of town worships the cow in its own way. The place is filled with cow images: portraits on the walls, cow picture on the menu, photo of some woman drinking from a cow’s udder, couch pillows with cow ornaments, cows on the dishes and the cups. This overabundance of cow for the eye is matched only by the plenitude of cow for the stomach: burgers, steaks, sausages… The cow brings in the crowds. They will ask you how well you would like your meat to be cooked. Zhadina-Govyadina is a good place for a family dinner. There is some kids’ food on the menu, such as chops with mashed potatoes. High chairs are on hand. There are toys and doodling implements. Better yet, ask your kids to count all the cows in the place. This will keep them occupied for quite some time.