Pelmeni Club

Aleksandr Chuprakov/

This little café serves pelmeni and nothing but pelmeni: with pork and beef, cabbage, chicken, pike and pork fat, turnip and mushrooms, salmon and radish. They also have vareniki, which are the dessert version of pelmeni: with cherries, apple and cinnamon, etc. In addition, the place offers diverse ethnic varieties of pelmeni: manty, pozy and ravioli, also with many different fillings. The most expensive entrée is Far Eastern pelmeni with ink-fish ink. Pelmeni is served in basic ceramic bowls. The place is pretty basic overall. However, the clientele seem to come from different walks of life, which probably means Pelmeni Club is appreciated for its quality food. You can buy frozen pelmeni to take home here. In fact, they will teach you how to make your own pelmeni. The café teaches pelmeni making classes for adults and kids on a regular basis.