Kuznya (Smithy)

Aleksandr Chuprakov/Welcome2018.com

This Russian café is attached to a real smithy, manned by Alexander Lysyakov, a blacksmith with a 30-year track record. His work is on display all over the café, which is styled to resemble a Russian traditional peasant hut: warrior’s panoply, pitchforks and other metal implements. The food they serve here can be easily pictured on the table if you time-travel a hundred years back: salmon chops, mashed peas, mushroom pelmeni, and solyanka. There is a kids’ menu with amusing dish names: Power Hammer (chicken chops), Smile More (vegetable cream soup), Sunshine (pancake with vanilla ice-cream and berry sauce). The food is served in heavy cast-iron tableware – probably Lysyakov’s handiwork.