Ekaterinburg Arena

Four matches of the group stage of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia ™ will be hosted by the Ekaterinburg Central Stadium, which for the duration of the tournament will be called Ekaterinburg Arena. This is the largest sports facility of the Ural capital and the home field of the Ekaterinburg Ural football club.
The stadium is located in the central part of the city, in Verkh-Isetsky district, between Repin and Pirogov streets (ulitsa). The nearest metro station is the Ploschad 1905 Goda, from it to the stadium there are four bus stops (bus number 2 as well as trolleybuses 3, 7 and 17 from the stop Malyshev Square stop or bus number 19 from the exit from the metro). On the opposite side of the Ulitsa Repina is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist built in 1860.
The central stadium was built in 1953-1957. Its facade, executed in the Soviet neoclassicism style, is a landmark of cultural heritage. Entrance groups - western and eastern - are decorated in the form of porticoes with columns on which sculptures of the milling cutter, skier, shooter, football player, athletes with a torch and a steelmaker are installed. The buildings of the cash registers at the entrances to the territory are made in the form of pylons.
According to the reconstruction project, the historical appearance of the building will be preserved. Moreover, the architecture of the new parts of the facade is planned to be neutral on purpose, they will become a background, favorably emphasizing the historical elements. As a result of construction work, which will end in late 2017, the capacity of the arena will be 35 thousand spectators (after the Championship it will be reduced to 23 thousand).