Vysotsky Skyscraper

Donat Sorokin/TASS
Ekaterinburg was one of the first Russian cities to name a street in honour of the famous actor, poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky. The street is located in one of the residential districts. Several years ago, the Vysotsky Skyscraper appeared in downtown Ekaterinburg. It is considered to be the world’s northernmost skyscraper and can be seen from practically anywhere in the city.

The building is a 15-minute walk from Plotinka. The sky deck is open for visits even at night, as long as you call ahead.

On the ground floor of the skyscraper is a small museum dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky. A monument to Vysotsky and his wife Marina Vlady stands next to the building, as approved by the actor’s son, Nikita Vysotsky.

The Bolshoi Ural Hotel where Vysotsky stayed twice during his theatre performances in 1962 is adjacent to the skyscraper.

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