Medical Village

The Medical Village in the centre of Ekaterinburg comprises the complexes of the Institutes of Physical Therapy and Professional Diseases, the Medical Institute, and some other buildings. All the of them were built based on the project of the talented Georgiy Golubev, who in 1936 became the first in the history Ekaterinburg's principal architect.

The building of the Medical Institute (Ulitsa Repina, 3) – currently the Ural State Medical University – was built in 1930. The four-floor asymmetric building at first had a T-shape but later another unit was built up, which was decorated with columns and a porch. That is why the building seems to have no constructivism harmony.

The maternity hospital (Ulitsa Repina, 1) is one of the biggest buildings in the Medical Village. It consists of four units, which are located at right angles to each other. There are rectangular and circle windows, oval corbels on the abutting end, glassed-in stairways, and unique stained-glass windows.