Construction Worker's Club Building/CITY CENTRE Shopping Mall

Opposite to the Iset Hotel there is another constructivism monument – the Construction Worker's Club Building. It was built in 1933. The author of the project was the famous Moscow architect and critic Yakov Kornfeld – he managed to win the All-Soviet contest for the creation of a new building in Sverdlovsk.

The building consists of three parts: the entertainment unit, the club unit and the sports unit. The latter is situated at the back of the courtyard and is connected with the previous one with a big passage.

The Construction Worker's Club Building is decorated by ribbon windows and glassed-in openings, as well as open terraces, where you can do open air sports exercises and take sunbaths. Previously in the club there was a cafeteria and an auditorium for 800 seats, a library, and a room for different project teams, children's and sports studios.

The first reconstruction of the interiors took place during the Great Patriotic War, when in 1943 the building housed the Sverdlovsk cinema studio. In 1999 the CITY CENTRE Shopping Mall was opened. Its owners saved only the facades and the staircases of the unique building.