Factory-Kitchen of the Ural Heavy Machine Building Plant/Ordzhonikidzevsky Cultural Centre

In the 1930s in the Soviet Union there were attempts to change radically the every day life of the Soviet people. One of the goals, which the state proclaimed, related to liberating women from housework. For this purpose, in the whole country factory kitchens were constructed, which could provide ready-made food for the people in the city. In 1935 in the socialist town Uralmash a new public catering service emerged, which was constructed based on the project by the architects Vladimir Paramonov, Moisey Reisher and the graduate of the famous architecture and design school Bauhaus Bella Shefler.

The building turned out to be ascetic, with expressive facades, while the interior amazed people by a great number of passages, big windows, which made the in-doors space well-lit.

The building was listed as a cultural heritage object only in 2014. At the moment there are exhibitions, concerts, workshops, one of the divisions of the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art is based there.