Old New Rock Festival

Donat Sorokin/ТАSS

Ekaterinburg cemented its claim to fame as one of Russia's two "rock capitals" years ago. The other unofficial "rock capital" is Saint Petersburg. Old New Rock is a high-profile music festival held in Ekaterinburg since 2000. The festival happens twice a year: at old New Year's Eve (January 13) and on a random day in summer (at Volna Recreational Centre). Big-name acts and young promising performers play the same stage.

Most or all famous Russian rockers have played at the Old New Rock Festival over the years: Splean, Pilot, Chaif, Smyslovye Gallutsinatsii, Picnic, Aria, and others. Young performers get to play the festival if the expert jury likes their demos. International artists have performed at the festival quite frequently in recent years.