Kolyada Theatre

Donat Sorokin/TASS

"I shall do what not, but it would be the best theatre in the city!" a well-known Russian playwright, director and head of the Kolyada Theatre, Nikolay Kolyada, promised back in 2001. Now it is one of most interesting and popular theatres in Ekaterinburg and far beyond it.

The troupe has many talented actors. Some of them used to be nominated for the Golden Mask Award or other prestigious theatre awards, they acted in various films. The repertoire is very diverse: from classical plays by Shakespeare or Gogol to modern Russian writers, including Konstantin Kostenko, Yaroslav Pulinovich, or Kolyada. The style of performance is based on director's intuition and emotions. Shaman dances, folk songs, eye-catching costumes and unusual scenery – those are the approaches Nikolay Kolyada is using to take the audience out of balance. You may love or hate the theatre from the first minutes. What is for sure – you will not remain unmoved.

The Kolyada Theatre had to move several times. In 2014, it moved finally into a building of the former Iskra cinema house, and now has two modern stages, a big hall and a buffet.

Nikolay Kolyada is the initiator of the annual Kolyada Plays international theatre festival, which features troupes from all over the world, and the Eurasia contest among playwrights. The Kolyada Theatre tours successfully across Russia and Europe.