Ural State Variety Theatre

Donat Sorokin/TASS

The Ural State Variety Theatre opened in Ekaterinburg in 1996 thanks to the then governor, Eduard Rossel, who ordered giving a house in the city centre to the troupe.

Since 2010, director of the "good-mood theater" is a popular singer Alexander Novikov, who stages new performances, organises concerts and evening meetings with artistic persons.

The theatre offers bright musical performances for children and adults: concerts, fairy tales performances for the little ones, concerts of young dancers and soloists. The repertoire also includes folk performances staged by Anastasiya Vedernikova. The CinemaMusic project features the Ural state symphonic orchestra presenting cinema works by foreign and Russian composers. The theatre is happy to offer its stage to guest theatre troupes, jazz, rock, and blues musician from Russia or abroad.