Nevyansk Icon Museum

Ekaterinburg's Mayor Yevgeny Roizman collects old icons and naïve art. Nevyansk icons take up the bulk of his collection. This is a special type of icons, which appeared in the beginning of XVIII century. These icons are distinguished in the excellent quality of woodwork, used for icon-paining, and the amount of details in the icon itself.

Roizman created a museum around his collection in 1999 and called it the Nevyansk Icon. He wanted to preserve the heritage of icon-painters and to gather every bit of information about their work.

More than 300 icons will be on display for visitors of the first private museum of icons in Russia. All of these masterpieces were found in Ekaterinburg, Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil and other cities. There are all kinds of icons, some size of the palm of your hand others big and decorated with gold, beads and semi-precious stones.