United Museum of Ural Writers

Donat Sorokin/TASS

In 1980, several literature museums, devoted to the Ural writers, united to become one museum, which now features ten objects.

In the D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak's Memorial-house, visitors learn about life and works by the well-known novelist and playwright, author of the Privalov's Millions novel, which is based on real facts about development of the industrial Urals.

The P. P. Bazhov's Memorial House was built by the owner. The museum chose not to change the exterior and has kept the unique library, which the prominent fairy tale writer collected.

In the Мuseum of F. M. Reshetnikov visitors see a reconstructed post house of the 19th century. The exposition presents a most complicated and romantic job of the 19th century and attracts attention to the tragic life of a forgotten critical-realism writer Fyodor Reshetnkov, who was born in the family of a postman.

The United Museum continues big scientific and research work, organizes modern exhibitions, book presentations and literature evenings. Almost all of the buildings are situated within the Literary block.