Sverdlovsk Regional Studies Museum of History and Nature

Donat Sorokin/ТАSS

Sverdlovsk Regional Studies Museum of History and Nature consists of eight exhibition venues in Ekaterinburg and nine branches located in various cities of Sverdlovsk region. The museum was founded by members of the Ural Society of Naturalists in 1870. The main exhibition displays unique items which paint a bright picture of the region's history, nature, ethnography, art and culture.

The Museum of History and Archeology of the Urals displays the Shigir idol. It is one of the world's most ancient wooden sculptures. The Museum of Ural Nature demonstrates the skeletons of a mammoth and a bear as well as stuffed animals and birds, which inhabit Sverdlovsk region.

The Ernst Neizvestny Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of the famous sculptor's works. The Popov Museum of Radio will tell you all about the life of the man who invented one of the world's first radios and trace the industry's development, examine the technologies used in the beginning of the previous century.

The old Agafurovs' House Museum Club hosts master classes, theatrical events, quests, games and other fun events.

The Poklevsky-Kozell House Museum and Exhibition Centre displays a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and passions of Ekaterinburg in the 19th century. It also exhibits the works of various famous artists.