Museum of Vladimir Visotsky

Evgeny Kurskov/ТАSS

Ekaterinburg's Museum of Vladimir Visotsky opened on January 25, 2013, commemorating the poet's and musician's 75th birthday. The museum is located in a business centre with the same name and was founded by Andrey Gavrilovsky, a businessman, developer and collector.

The museum displays Vysotsky's baby pictures, his letters to relatives and friends, posters and props, his favourite records and much more. Some of the items were given to the museum by the musician's son Nikita. The exhibition's central piece is Vysotsky's Mercedes, his full-length wax figure created by Alexander Silnitsky and the Bolshoi Ural Hotel room the musician stayed in twice when visiting Sverdlovsk in 1962. The museum hosts concerts, poetry readings and meetings of Vladmir Vysotsky's fans.