Yuzhny Park

Evgeniy Morozov/Welcome2018.com

This park has changed names a few times in the several decades that it has existed. The previous name change saw it named after the 40th Anniversary of the Young Communists League Organization. The park now bears the same name it was given when founded in 1927: South Park (or Südpark in German). The park was planted next to the Koenigsberg Fortress to the design of Ernest Schneider, the landscape architect whose creations much altered the look of Koenigsberg. Schneider transformed the city’s circle of protective ramparts into a veritable green belt. Yuzhny Park is a masterful example of a landscaped park. The parts planted with horn-beeches and chestnuts are elegantly interspersed with glades. Yuzhny Park is ideal for leisurely strolls, as well as for running and picnics. In the westerly part of the park one finds the Friedland Gate with the eponymous museum.