Amber Castle Museum

The Amber Castle is a museum and convention centre complex inside the 14th-century Palmnicken Fortress. 

The museum introduces visitors to the history of Palmnicken with exhibits such as antique tableware collections, and 19th through 20th-century artworks and photographs. A part of the exposition is devoted to the discovery of amber deposits, amber mining and processing, leading up to a display of amber jewellery.

The Amber Castle also houses a torture museum, a museum of Eastern Prussia castles, a Russian fairy tale museum, and an art gallery, where modern painters and sculptors exhibit their works.

You can also undergo a procedure billed as “amber therapy” inside a man-size amber pyramid, which, they say, makes your wishes come true. Museum staff will tell you all about the healing properties of amber, which is a semi-precious stone formed of petrified wood tar.