Observation deck at Anna Mine

Evgeniy Morozov/Welcome2018.com

The Anna mine at the current entrance to Yantarny has existed since 1872. It originally belonged to Moritz Becker’s firm, but the government bought him out to the tune of 9.7 million Mark in 1899.

The observation deck overlooks the beach and the lakes. The Death March monument nearby commemorates the Nazi concentration ca.m.p prisoners who died here. The numbered arms stretched up to the sky are carved in granite. The seven-metre monument by Frank Meisler and Arie Ovadia harks back to the tragic events of the Second World War, when the Nazis executed thousands of concentration ca.m.p prisoners here. According to one version of the events, the prisoners were pushed into an abandoned amber mine and fell to their death. There is a legend that the Amber Room, which went mysteriously missing during the war, was also buried in the same mine.