Masurian Canal

Evgeniy Morozov/

Another interesting hydrotechnical facility in the vicinity of Pravdinsk, near the settlements of Druzhba and Ozerki, almost on the border with Poland, is the Masurian Canal (Kanał Mazurski in Polish). This is the former shipping channel that connects the basin of the Pregolya River and the Masurian Lakes.

The canal was built on the orders of the then-President of the then East Prussia, Johann Friedrich Domhardt, in 1764-1776, and connected the Mamry Lake, which now belongs to Poland (the German name is Mauersee), to the River Lava.

During its centuries-old history, the canal was modernized several times. In particular, in 1934-1942 part of the channel was blocked by a dam, and in addition, ten locks appeared (five of them are in Poland, five are located in Russia). During the Second World War, the canal, which was used as a line of defense, suffered significantly. Bridges were blown up, and later the facility was not rebuilt. The Masurian Canal and its surroundings make a very strong impression: the coastal dam, overgrown with bushes and weeds over the years, rises against the backdrop of picturesque fields and groves.