Kirche Gerdauen

Evgeniy Morozov/

The village of Zheleznodorozhny is located in the south of the Kaliningrad region. The building of the Church of Gerdauen (former name of the settlement, used until 1946), preserved to this day, was built in the second quarter of the 15th century. The northern part of the church originally performed a defensive function and was part of the city wall, so it did not have windows. At the end of the 17th century an organ appeared in the church. In 1913, a major fire broke out in the tower, and in 1914 the church was damaged during World War I. The restoration of the building dragged on until early 1920s. Unlike many other churches in the region, the Gerdauen church, like the city itself, was not damaged during the Second World War. In the Soviet era, the building was used as a House of Culture. In the 1990s, works on the preservation of the historical structure were carried out. It is located among the old buildings of Zheleznodorozhny, and the area is a landmark in its own right.