Baltiysk Esplanade and Empress Elizabeth statue

Evgeny Morozov/

It takes about thirty minutes to walk the length of the Baltiysk Esplanade. This esplanade is different from a regular seaside resort esplanade, offering an elegiac yet austere view of the channel and the warships. Swans and seagulls harass tourists for food all year, so you might as well bring some raw cereals or chopped carrots.   

At the end of your promenade, you cannot possibly miss the Empress Elizabeth statue at the base of the Northern Seawall. This monument, sculpted by Georgy Frangulian, was unveiled in 2004. It celebrates Russian war victories during the reign of Elizabeth. The empress is depicted wearing the uniform of a Preobrazhensky Regiment Imperial Guard colonel, mounted on horseback. The monument is 14 metres tall with the pedestal. The statue weighs 12 tonnes. The pedestal is a stylized fortification of huge boulders, arranged in a cruciform shape.