Khmel (Hops)

Beer restaurant with an industrial-style interior: brick, exposed pipes of an unintelligible purpose, hoods, hoses, taps - everything sparkles, giving you a feeling that you are at an old brewery. The food is nourishing, there is a lot of meat on the menu, all of this served on tables covered with paper napkins with history of Kaliningrad written on them, including the original name of the town – Koenigsberg. In the menu the retro theme continues, as it offers dishes that existed many years ago: a chilled pork knuckle, Olivier salad with crayfish tails, sturgeon Moscow-style. In addition, the menu has a lot of fish, which is caught in different parts of the country. There is even a separate map with explanations regarding the origin of muksun and Arctic cisco. The alcoholic offering is traditional - wine, vodka, whiskey, but there are also various tinctures (hrenovuha and cedar) deserving special attention and, of course, beer which brewed right here; the choice is small, but conscious.