Borscht i Salo

Evgeny Morozov/

The ideal tavern, exactly the same as we see in Soviet films about Ukraine. It's bright in here; towels with embroidery, pitchers, wicker, Russian oven, sunflowers and a lot of cheerful people – here is what you can expected to find inside. Food here is tasty and hearty, and is cooked and served with pleasure. This is a child-friendly establishment. After meals, the children are invited to take part in workshops, to draw, or to just have fun with the animator. Food here is as expected: salo, borscth (four kinds), vareniki dumplings (eight kinds), dumplings, sausages - large portions; everything is in abundance. For those who for some reason cannot come in person, the restaurant has delivery and a convenient website, on which this delivery can be arranged. The restaurant sometimes has promotional events, for example, a chance to win a trip to Prague.