Madame Boucher

Evgeny Morozov/

One of the most spectacular restaurants in the city, it is located in a lighthouse - one of the city’s primary attractions. A rare view from the window (water, embankment and ducks), a cozy interior, in which there is a lot of wood, fleeting negligence in carelessly placed baskets, jars with preserves, books, and an interesting menu with a thoughtful serving of dishes. The cheese plate is not a plate here at all, but a dense tracing paper, on which delicious cheeses with grapes and honey are laid, beer and other alcohol are served in glasses, dressed in a woolen heating pad. The place is full of tourists, because this is best place to look at Koenigsberg lodges by the water and imagine how this city looked a hundred years ago. The establishment is dominated by French cuisine, it is necessary to try out fish dishes - soup with mussels, salade niçoise, grilled fish. On weekends the place has live music.