Evgeny Morozov/

The chain cafe, at first glance is a cute confectioner's, but in reality it’s a full-fledged city cafe with breakfasts, lunches, soups of all kinds, grilled fish, pasta, pancakes and other delicious food. There is a separate vegetarian section called "Without meat", and it consists of a full menu. A huge dessert section has cakes, pastries, ice cream – you can’t try it all in one sitting. In addition there’s a respectable wine list, with which you can get stuck here for a long time. The cafe is cozy, high ceilings have impressive chandeliers, it’s spacious, and everything is done with such glamour that you can sign an important contract here and celebrate the engagement in a fancy dress. There’s another bonus - the local confectionery shop makes custom exquisite children's cakes in the form of bears, dogs, beauty cases and characters of popular comics.