Ruslan Shamukov/TASS
From Guryevsk you need to get to Highway A217 otherwise known as Primorskoye Koltso/Seaside Ring. The road connects Kaliningrad with a small maritime town of Zelenogradsk that sits at the Curonian Spit. The distance between Guryevsk and Zelenogradsk is 32 km (20 miles).

The fishermen village of Krantz (from the Lithuanian word krantas meaning a cliffy shore) was established by the Teutonic knights three years before Königsberg, in 1252. The first to appear was a tavern for the knights exhausted from traversing the sandy spit. Later a whole village appeared around the tavern and many centuries later the village became a modern seaside resort. In the beginning of the 19th century, the German physician Friedrich Kessel began recommending to his clients a therapy regimen consisting of “summer, air and seawater” and the village became a magnet for people from all over Europe. Mud treatments and mineral water, advanced physical therapy and the salutary air can still be found at Zelenogradsk (former Krantz). To this day the town is full of beaches, restaurants, small houses and holiday-makers.