Bunker Museum

Ruslan Shamukov/TASS
After leaving the Amber Museum you can walk down the Naberezhnaya Marinesko (Marinesko Embankment) beside the Lower Pond to get to the main building of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. On the south bank of the pond on the way to the University you will find a memorial tablet to famous writer Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman (1776-1822), who was born in Königsberg. Another option is to take a minibus-taxi (routes 66, 69, 70, 85) and ask the driver to drop you at Universitetskaya Ulitsa (Universitetskaya Street).

The Bunker Museum can be found next to the main entrance of the University. This is a bombproof underground concrete bunker built at the beginning of 1945 in two months, when the Nazi-German garrison in Königsberg was taken over by General Otto Lasch (1893-1971). The shelter is 7 metres (23 feet) deep, 42 metres (138 feet) long, 15 metres (49 feet) wide, and consists of 21 rooms. Besides the German commanders there were operators, medics and staff in the bunker. It had everything needed for survival, including water supply, electricity and sewer system. On April 9, just one month after taking charge of the garrison, Otto Lasch signed an Act of Capitulation. The command centre served him only one month.