Lesnoy Settlement

Ladislav Karpov/TASS
Just outside of Zelenogradsk lies the Curonian Spit – a narrow swath of sand and forest land 98 kilometres long (61 miles), ranging from 400 metres to 4 kilometres (1,312 feet to 2.5 miles) in width. To the right of the Spit is the Curonian Lagoon (named after the Curonian people who lived here before the knights), and to the left is the Baltic Sea. The southern part of the spit belongs to Russia, and the northern to Lithuania. Entrance to the nature resort costs 300 rubles. There are several villages, a pharmacy, a branch of Sberbank, several hotels and restaurants, a school and even a maternity clinic. Between Zelenogradsk and Lesnoy Settlement you will find an ancient forest reserve that has never been felled.