Civil War Museum

The most recent museum in Sviyazhsk, the Civil War Museum is housed in an early 1800s two-story wooden house with columns, which used to belong to the Medvedevs-Brovkins. Many historians agree that this was the headquarters of the 5th Corps of the Red Army in 1918, and that Leon Trotsky, then People’s Commissar for Military Affairs and Chair of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Soviet Republic, visited here. Trotsky’s wax figure at the desk is the obvious photo opportunity. The figure next to him is Larisa Reisner, Commissar of the General Staff of the Navy, a political functionary of the Volga Fleet, and, prior to 1917, a poet and a party animal frequently seen in St. Petersburg’s decadent literary salons. On the walls: film and video frames, a model of the rail station with Trotsky’s train, a reconstructed map of the Civil War’s eastern front, and much more.