Hazine National Art Gallery

Hazine Gallery, opened inside the Kazan Kremlin in 2005 as Kazan celebrated its millennial anniversary, takes up almost the entire building of what once was a Junker Academy. Its second and third floors are dedicated to exhibits from the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, of which the gallery is an affiliate. That is upwards of 11,000 items as of the project's starting date. The first floor is occupied by exhibition spaces. On display at Hazine Art Gallery are works in different genres (painting, sculpture, graphics, folk arts and crafts), created by regional artists within the period of a hundred-plus years. One will find here the works of Nikolay Feshin, who is in high esteem as a Russian impressionist and modern art classic, paintings by Tatar classic Baki Urmanche, who worked as a miner, then a teacher, and was a political prisoner in Stalin's Gulag, and by devout Socialist Realist Kharis Yakupov.

The Junker Academy was built in 1836 to the drawings of Pyotr Pyatnitsky, but was initially a school for military cantonists before becoming a cadet school in the late 19th century. A military garrison was quartered here following the 1917 Revolution.