Tatar State Puppet Theatre "Ekiyat"

The first Tatar international puppet theatre was bilingual, staging plays in Russian and Tatar, from the day it opened in 1934. For years Ekiyat (which means "folk tale" in Tatar) performed in a space too small for it inside an old church before moving into a new building that looks like a magic castle with its multitude of turrets and columns, in the spring of 2012. There are two spaces inside: one seating 250, the other – 100. The puppeteer company shares the premises with the Kazan State Tatar Youth Theatre Named After Gabdulla Kariyev, which caters to the teen audience. The two companies complement each other perfectly. On top of the universally known and loved The Nutcracker, The Snow Queen, and Mukha-Tsokotukha, Ekiyat stages plays by Tatar playwrights, and has a puppet show for adults on its repertoire: Khanuma.