Riddles of Shurale Sculptural Composition

Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS

Sculpted by Asiya Minnullina, the sculptural composition Riddles of Shurale close to Galiaskar Kamal Theatre was unveiled on August 30, 2011, Tatarstan's Sovereignty Day. 2011 was the year of the 125th anniversary of the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay, who wrote a long poem about the characters of a Tatar folk tale: Baltyr and Shurale. Baltyr was a woodcutter, and Shurale was a fabulous humpback with horns and long fingers, who was wont to tickle people to death for fun. Baltyr managed to fool Shurale. The woodcutter convinced the creep to place its fingers inside the log he was trying to split, ostensibly to keep the split log from jamming. The creature's fingers got trapped. The sculptural composition depicts the beginning of this scene, when the characters sit on a log, talking.