Laboratorium Park of Entertaining Science

Ilnar Tukhbatov/TASS

Laboratorium is an interactive museum of science with over 50 exhibits displaying the laws of optics, dynamics, mechanics, magnetism, and electricity. The Show of Nicolas the Mad Professor is an animation programme that runs on the premises, featuring experiments in physics and chemistry and some quizzes. The audience must get involved, preparing soap mash, a shish kebab of coloured balloons, and chemically causing water to change colour. There is also a show for the littlest ones (age 4 to 7), which involves harmless experiments. The Four Elements programme works miracles with earth, water, air and fire. In the Superlab show, they will place an inflated balloon on some nails, unharmed, and make beads pop out of a jar. Laboratorium has some 150 tricks up its sleeve. It also offers opportunities for painting, moulding, picture card making, silk painting and much more.