International Equestrian Sports Complex "Kazan"

Aleksey Nasyrov/TASS

Among the Tartars, whose ancestors almost literally spent their entire lives in the saddle, horses are deeply loved. Horse-breeding arose in Tatarstan in the 18th century, and its traditions were preserved after the 1917 Revolution. The new hippodrome – the largest in Russia – was opened in 2005 on Prospekt Kamaleyeva (Kamaleyeva Avenue), on the site of the city's former airport. The complex occupies 91.1 hectares, including a hurdles track with a length of 1.8 kilometre (1.1 mile) and a race track with bends with a length of 1.6 kilometre (1 miles). Horses are also stabled and trained here. Riding skills are taught at the Complex, and you can take individual lessons. You can also take a ride in a white carriage driven by white horses – a popular option among brides and bridegrooms.