Guided Tour to Kazan Federal University

Egor Aleev/TASS

The university's museum opened for its 175th anniversary in 1979, and was remodelled in 2004. The memorial complex, which is the centrepiece of the museum, includes the assembly hall and auditorium No. 7 of the law department, complete with vintage cabinets, tilted desks and professor's rostrum… Everything is exactly as it was in the second half of the 19th century when Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) both were students here. There are still many people out there who want to retrace Lenin's routes. Tourists from the People's Republic of China like to have their photographs taken sitting at the third desk in the law department auditorium, where Lenin used to sit. But this is not all the museum has to offer. There are 290 personal and 135 theme collections in the other rooms.